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At Burn Nation, our top priority is your experience. We want you to enjoy the class and hope that you find it beneficial, enjoyable, and unlike anything you have ever experienced online.

With that in mind, here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your Burn Nation online experience!





Please bring an exercise mat, a sweat towel and some water with you to the class! We don’t reach the high levels of fitness we are famous for without working hard!


Take a minute to read the class brief and see if the class will require any additional equipment. There may be some classes where you will require an exercise band, a pillow or other small props. They will always be mentioned in advanced on the class brief.


Give yourself some space! Whilst our classes are all designed to fit in the comfort of your home, ensuring you have enough space around you whilst exercising will ensure your safety.


Leave your camera on whilst the class is in progress! We appreciate some of you may wish for privacy, but our instructor would love to engage with you and give you advice whilst training! The Burn Nation team are a big family into which we hope you as a participant will feel welcomed.


Leave yourself on mute whilst the class is in progress. Our host will mute everyone as the class starts, but on rare occasions your mic may still be active. We would like everyone to be able to hear our instructor clearly without any interruptions!


Take it at your own pace. All our dance, fitness and stretch classes are designed to challenge you and push you to YOUR limit, not ours or anybody elses. We all have our own goals, our own strenghts and our own weaknesses. We want to challenge YOU, to make a better YOU.



Zoom Setup

When the class starts, you will notice our instuctor will be spotlighted. For the best experience, allow the spotlight window to be full screen, rather than viewing in gallery view. This will help you to follow along with the class in the best way.


If participating on a computer or laptop, ensure the preview window of other speakers is on the right of your screen when the class starts. This can be done by dragging it across the screen using the bar on the top. Our fitness classes will encompass a timer and this is displayed on the left of the screen.


Where possible, connect external speakers to your device. Burn the Floor and Burn Nation are all about Music! Whilst the speakers on your device are more than adequate, for a fully immersive experience, hook yourself up to some good speakers/wireless headphones and let the music guide you through your workout, stretch or dance class!

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