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A special LIVE event with Nat Allison.

Touring both locally and internationally Nat Allison has been a full time musician and an artist in her own right for the last 26 years, based out of Melbourne Australia. Music is deep within her soul, an unmistakable passion for guitar and all things music since she could walk!

What you can expect from Nat is a meticulous approach to guitar playing. She has led and been a part of many bands. Nat's ethos is simple, play what is needed for ’the song’, play it well and compliment all instruments, vocals and their individual parts.

'Please join me as I dissect the guitar parts of a fun song from the 70’s called Ballroom Blitz by the band Sweet. I will breakdown all of the guitar parts that Andy Scott has played. From the iconic riff to the rhythms and everything in between. This will be fun!’ Nat Allison

12 AUD per person
45 mins
17 AUD per household
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